Our Purpose

Here at Civil Standard we geek out on flags; we believe the flag to be the quintessential manifestation of brand identity.  A flag conveys history, values, and emotion. It's a universal tool - a symbol - spanning time and place, to signal who you are, where you come from, and what you stand for.

So Civil Standard exists to explore the concept of identity.  We think a lot about what unites us and divides us as Americans; about what it means to be from one part of the country versus another; and about how the mores of distinct American geographies shape not only us as individuals, but also our views of the world and of each other.

So it makes us sad that we rarely notice our civic symbols, much less take the time to uncover their origins and meanings.  As a country, we are indoctrinated as children with the creation of our nation and its most visible symbol, the Stars and Stripes.  Its history is steeped in lore and mythology, and within its design is the origin story; both of our nation and of us.

Civil Standard is not the message, but the messenger. It is not asking that you buy into it for its own sake, but rather asks that you adopt a message to which you are already engendered, invested, and attached…a brand to which you are already loyal, but just under a different banner.  A different standard, as it were.  Civil Standard simply offers a different way to communicate that to which you already subscribe.  A pre-existing brand identity of the most powerful kind…one that’s innate…that reflects your home, your identity, your soul.