Washington D.C.

"Washington is no doubt the boss town in the country for a man to live in who wants to get all the pleasure he can in a given number of months. But I wasn't built that way. I don't want the earth at one gulp. All of us are always losing some pleasure that we might have if we could be everywhere at once. I lose Washington, for instance, for the privilege of saving my life. My doctor told me that if I wanted my three score and 10, I must go to bed early, keep out of social excitements, and behave myself. You can't do that in Washington. Nobody does."

- Mark Twain, quoted in interview in St. Louis Post-Dispatch, May 19, 1889. 

  • Black/black, navy/navy mesh - Relaxed fit: no structure, low to medium profile
  • Navy/tan mesh - Semi-structured fit: medium structure, medium profile

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