Say It Ain't So Levi's! or: Apparently This Is Officially a Thing

Civil Standard is appalled (appalled!)at the recent news of Levi's plummeting profits on account of the "athleisure attire" trend. (Hat tip however to the person who coined the term 'athleisure.'  Way cool.)

Look, let’s begin by saying we admire the fine folks who put on their best day in and day out in an effort to honor their self-respect and a civilized society that they're trying to uphold. To most, such efforts are antiquated...but we get it, like to see it, and respect the effort.  It's also not us.  Our skin is at peak comfort in a pair of jeans with a nice t-shirt or relaxed button down.  We note this because to many, our version of comfort is an abomination...just as our view towards this athleisure attire trend is likewise an affront to good taste.  

It's not that we necessarily oppose the trend in and of itself; more so that we oppose the ubiquity of it and its inappropriate presence in otherwise appropriate places. Hey…stopping in for a chai latte with a friend after some bikram? Fine by us.  Running to the corner market because you need milk for dinner?  Rock on dude. But heading out for an all-day shopping session on Boston's Newbury Street in Lululemon Wunder Under Pant and matching Refresh Racer Tank? Tacky. A bit much, no?  And, oh I don’t know, perhaps narcissistic?  I mean, when did jeans get too restrictive and damn uncomfortable for the masses?  Where art thou, trendy skinny jean??  We hardly knew 'ya...

And it makes us doubly sad that this trend is so hurting Levi's, a classic American brand and a favorite of Team Civil Standard. That they should have to respond to such a trend just seems so wrong.  Beneath them.  An indignity.  And look...if I offend, humble apologies.  If it makes you feel any better, if we could get away with sporting a full body skin tight lycra jump suit...I think we would.  But alas, our general fleshiness prohibits as much…so you can just chalk this up to mere jealousy.