Jeppson's Malort Flaunts Its Chicago Roots

February 06, 2014

Now I've never had Jeppson's Malort, nor had I ever heard of it until very recently despite a seven-year residency in Chicago - where it is evidently from - a fact clearly obvious to those intimately familiar with the Second City.  As is commonplace in Chicago, Jeppson's has appropriated design elements of the Chicago flag in its logo, clearly signaling its point of origin.  Seems a pretty smart play for what I assume to be a purely regional brand; I myself would have had no interest in this bottle had it not been for the logo.  


This all serves as further proof of why the Chicago flag is among - if not the - best civic flag in the country, and should further serve as an exemplar of the civic branding possibilities for all other municipalities looking to create or entrench a brand identity. 

And in addition to a smart logo design, they're able to throw together a nice little print ad to boot in what I take as a wink and a nod to its apparently extremely bitter taste that only "1 out of 49 men will drink ...after the first 'shock-glass.'" (Their claim...not mine.)